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Options worth considering....

Care Oncology Clinic

Laura took their protocol of repurposed drugs (Metformin, Atorvastatin & Mebendazole) they have a centre in London, but we do all our consultations remotely, they’re having really good results and not too expensive either.  

Patrice Surley

Patrice is an integrative Oncology nutritionist, a herbalist and a real expert in Glioblastoma. She’s a great point of reference regarding treatments available internationally and she’s amazing regarding supplements. We sent her blood reports and scans and Skyped with her. She’s based in Texas and can be found through Facebook. She’s an absolute gem.  


Professor Van Gool was our consultant at IOZK and we went out there for a week roughly every month/6 weeks for 17 months, 13 of those have just been the standard electro-hyperthermia & Newcastle disease virus and 4 trips have also included the dendritic cell vaccinations. This was still pretty expensive, but the GoFundMe fund-raising made this possible. 

As well as the dendritic cell vaccinations we also had tumour analysis done at CeGat, they then designed 2 neo-peptide vaccinations which were then made and administered at IOZK

We went out to Germany for 5 days every 6 weeks and Laura had an hour of treatment every day. It d have any significant side effects, and the only real discomfort is the amount of blood taken on the first day. Laura lies on a water bed and radio waves are applied to the area of her brain where the tumour was, the NDV is just a simple injection 

Cannibis oil

Whilst still technically illegal there is some evidence that demonstrates an effect on tumour cells (albeit only in mice so far) and it’s definitely worth looking into the work of Dr Wai Liu at St Georges University.

Some helpful reading

Ben Williams’ fantastic book ‘Beating Terminal Cancer’ is the bible for anyone diagnosed with Glioblastoma. Ben is a 20+ year survivor and he talks a great deal of sense.

Jane McLlelland ‘How to starve cancer’ is also great, it’s not about food as such but how to block the pathways and stop cancer cells from reproducing.

Adam Blain ‘Pear Shaped’ and “Grin and Pear it’ are both really entertaining accounts of a Glioblastoma diagnosis (if that doesn’t sound too inappropriate!) 

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